Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Shout Out To My Team

I thought it would be necessary to give a big shout out to my brilliant team, Andy and Lee, who I think have been absolutely fantastic. Dedicated, determined and full of desire to do well, I couldn't give a bigger shout out to a better couple of people.Each member of the team has contributed a significant amount, and we fully deserve to get the best mark possible

What Went Well In Production

Even Better If's After Production

Purpose Of Background On Blog

Blog Comparison To Opening Title Sequence

Location Set

This is where we have filmed our opening title sequence, Farnborough Social Club in Farnborough Village. It was a nice friendly environment, exactly what we needed to maximise our shooting, it was even closed for our shooting!

Behind The Scenes

Equipment/Prop Check

Context Of Opening Title Sequence

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ted 'The Titan' Taylor Fact-file

Opening Title Sequence Rating

Assessing our opening title sequence, there is no violence, fowl language or distressing scenes evident. However, the image of beer (apple juice) represents the drug of alcohol which is not appropriate for anything less than a PG. Therefore, we have decided to give our opening title sequence a PG rating.

Opening Title Sequence Title Confirmation

After much deliberation, an executive, group decision was made on our opening title sequence title. We chose the title '180', a short but sweet title, the title replicating the score that gets the darts audience jumping with excitement.

Opening Title Sequence Audition Application

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Getting A Particular Hair-Cut For The Opening Title Sequence Shoot

Due to my dedication and desire for the shoot I have had a 'drastic' hair-cut to help replicate the character I am trying to portray, in the form of 'The Titan.' Inspiration has come from the film 'Clash Of The Titans' of which the protagonist Perseus has a rather short hair-cut,  this is something that can be related to my character as I try to look like someone from Greek mythology